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I have been sharing some insights with you on various channels and do not want to miss updating those of you who join me on my blog.

What is CityCamp?
CityCamp is a FREE unconference focused on innovation for municipal governments and community organizations. As an unconference, content for CityCamp is not planned for a passive audience. Instead, content is created and organized by participants and coordinated by facilitators. Participants are expected to play active roles in sessions. This provides an excellent format for creative, open exchange geared toward action.

CityCamp’s are meant to bring together citizens, local government officials, municipal employees, experts,

programmers, designers and journalists to share perspectives and insights about the cities in which they live.

When is CityCamp Boston?
The target for CityCamp Boston is March 5th, 2011. We have a couple of potential venue locations and will share with you all the information as it becomes available.

How can I help?
Have ideas for topics? Whether it’s something you want to present on yourself or something you’d love to hear others talk about, submit your idea. Have ideas for venue? For caterers? For Sponsors?

CityCamp events are funded and supported by sponsoring businesses and non-profit organizations, grants, donations, and volunteers. We appreciate all you can do to help, every donation is appreciated.

We need participants, organizers, fund raisers, and generally passionate people to make this a success. Interested in getting involved?

The event will be here before we know it, lets get ready to make a difference.

Note that you can follow/participate with event updates on Twitter or you can join our mailing list (choose CityCamp Boston after entering your e-mail address).


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