Come Dine With Me: Local Gov Web Usability Tasting Menu.

It seems many of us are working on all sorts of different stuff nowadays. I’ve been listening to everything that’s going on in local government and feeling quite overwhelmed with how much is going on (even with the budget cuts!). We still have lots to worry about but with even fewer resources.

There are a lot of interesting talks going around regarding social media, open data, transparency, big society and etc. Its like going to an restaurant and have pages and pages of dishes to choose from on the menu. However, just like our tummy, our brain could get information overload. Therefore let’s not get ourselves ill trying to digest everything and pick and choose information that concerns you and the work that you do.


With that being said, I thought it would be nice to give Local Directgov ‘diners’ a taster of things to come. We will be serving up a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Pick and choose as you please and let us know what you’d like to ‘taste‘ more of in the the future.


Ò Reshaping public services online by getting the basics right

Ò Simple web improvements you could do for local council websites in 30mins

Ò Expanding the use of the Local Directgov application to connect the councils of North Yorkshire

Ò Managing your web content

Ò Research paper on how older people find government information online

Ò Understanding Web Users’ Search Intent

Ò Saving Cost and Driving Council Website Improvement Through Task Management

Ò Three Essential Tips for Creating a Task-Based Website

Also, don’t forget to answer Andy Key‘s question on our forum

Ò Youth Opportunity Fund link (LGSL 1116) – still relevant?

I’m really interested to know what stuff you guys need help with in your work and how Local Directgov can help. We also have a section called ‘Work question‘ where you can talk about your work. So, feel free to stop by and give us a shout.

See you there!

Hope this helps!


Liz Azyan

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