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You know you’re doing something wrong with your council website when….

You know you’re doing something wrong with your council website when you mostly say ‘YES’ to this list Are you a web manager or just someone who wishes to know how your local council website is performing? Or maybe just a curious observer of public services online? If you are, you should continue reading…. Good,Read… Read more »

Lessons learnt from local council website redesign by Kevin Brewer from Derby City Council

Last year, I started a group exclusively for local govvies on Huddle called LocalGovWebStars with some help from a good local gov buddy of mine, Ken Eastwood (Assistant Director at Barnsley MBC and founder of to talk about website redesign projects in local gov. The group resulted in some very interesting discussions and tips.Read… Read more »

Come Dine With Me: Local Gov Web Usability Tasting Menu.

It seems many of us are working on all sorts of different stuff nowadays. I’ve been listening to everything that’s going on in local government and feeling quite overwhelmed with how much is going on (even with the budget cuts!). We still have lots to worry about but with even fewer resources. There are aRead… Read more »

Reshaping public services online by getting the basics right

Frustration There is nothing more frustrating than being in government right now if you are looking for change or motivation in your work. With almost no funding available, fewer colleagues to carry the burden, feeling of loss and uncertainty, we are facing an all time low. Everyone knows that with fewer resources, it makes itRead… Read more »