Coming Soon: My KM Manifesto

Hello, World! You know my name, because you are reading my blog. I am interested in epistemology and managing the flow of knowledge, and I have many more interests, too. But KM is what I do in DoD and it is also my passion after hours. I have been focused on knowledge management for the past five years, though like the rest of you, I have really been doing it my whole life….well, maybe not my whole life. I’ll explain that in another post (note to self: write blog post on experience vs a priori knowledge).
Coming in my next post, which will be soon, I will be sharing my Knowledge Management Manifesto. You will then learn about my perspectives on managing the flow of knowledge, why I believe distinguishing knowledge as either tacit or explicit is really too simplistic a viewpoint in how we treat what we know, and hopefully you will all be repeating my mantra: “what you know is what you can do”.
I know I sound like one of those guys who wants you to attend my seminar and buy my books for some ungodly price, but I am not. I just want to share my gospel of knowledge management.
Take it and do something with it. That’s what knowledge is for. Just don’t claim it for yourself and charge everyone for it. Improve up on it and THEN charge everyone for it. See? I DO have a sense of humor.
Until next post: CHOWDY!

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Carla Carter

Maria, I know how you feel about KM. I am one of the founding members of a think tank here in Arizona called the “KM forum”. Too many organizations are not doing enough about this key factor for success.

Do you know what is happening in the BLM with KM? I did a pilot for them about 5-6 years ago and my internal partner has since retired…They seemed interested. What federal agencies are on top in terms of implementing sound KM approaches?