Female? Male? Or, just a determined, talented, faster, stronger female?

I am a little upset this evening with all the talks about the South African Athlete (woman) who is being tested to see if she is actually a male. I know the sex testing has been going on for years. The testing was geared to women who may be posing as a male, or who may have had a sex change at some point.

But, this case seems different. There doesn’t seem to be too much arguing that the woman was born a female. The discussion seems to be geared to the point she may have too much “manly” attributes and male hormones to be really considered a female. What the heck does that mean? Are we going to test every 6 foot female basketball player who can whip a shorter man’s butt on the court? Are we going to test men for being too female when they dance professionally? I mean when is this craziness going to stop? I do understand the sports world can’t have a female or a male posing as the opposite sex, but to be born a little more male, or a little more female should not take you out of the sport.

My whole life I was a tomboy. Growing up I wore jeans and t-shirts and drove tractors with all the guys. As I got older I was picked on for not being girly. Gosh, I have never wanted to be girly. When I joined the military, many people pointed out the fact I was a tomboy growing up, and now I am joning the military, so I must be gay. First thing, I do not see that as an insult. It was other people trying to put me in a box and give me a label. If I am I a tom boy, who runs and plays football and such, then I can’t be just a fun female; I must be gay.

This example of how society wants to put everyone in a box makes me so mad. The terrific African woman can run, happens to have a deeper voice, and she has dreams in her life besides baking cakes; so she must be male.

There have been many women who have faced this. Tennis players, golf players, wrestlers, etc. But, how often do you hear of society claiming a great male dancer or singer is a female? What would really be ironic if one day there was a really manly female who posed as a male in a male sport just so they would fit in and not be tested. LOL Now that would be funny.

BTW – She is being tested because she has a manly body, a deeper voice, and a little facial hair. After many years of exercising, a woman’s bady changes. Look at female body builders. When my terrific, very female daughter was a wrestler, her body started to change. Everyone knows many females stop their “time of the month” when they are in great shape and run all the time. This in turn (plus other physical and medical reasons) does make a woman’s body start to look a little manly.

Geez, sometimes society sucks. If a female is too skinny, she needs to gain weight. If a female is a little chunky, then she is too fat and gross. If a female is a little bit girly in sports, they tell her to become more manly. If she has a talent and is a little manly, then she just can’t be a talented female, she must be a male.

In any case, this just makes me sick. She is 18. If she is hinding her true sex, then fine, there is an issue. If not, don’t judge her on the fact she was born with a gift that others are jealous over. Remember, she is 18. This should be a time when she should be really loving her medals and discovering herself. This attention must be killing her. I would hate to hear what is being said to her in the locker room. I wish the public would just leave her testing private.

End of rant.

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Your post was a perfect expression of how this issue with the South African woman who is a superb athlete is being treated by the sports world and media. These sports organizations who are asking for this testing needs to be ashamed of themselves

Amanda Blount

TO FPrioleau – I totally agree. Thank you for your comment.

If they were going to do this, I wish they had kept it private. As a mother, I want to just hug her and keep her out of the public right now. I hope she knows there are people who are on her side and think she is perfect just the way she is. The jokes about her facial hair make me so mad. I have been blessed with no fa, but I no facial hair, but I know plenty of great looking white women who must wax their lips, or one or two hairs off their chins. You would never know it by looking at them. They are terrific looking girly girls. Heck, I had an Aunt when I was growing up who had a mustache, but she choose to leave it alone. She wanted to be who she was. But, this African woman must be a man because of a little facial hair. I don’t think so.

In any case, if she is hiding something, the Athletic Council will take care of the problem. If she is a woman, which I believe, the world of cruel people will owe her a huge apology.