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Considered a Job or Career Change? A quick survey

Which if any of the following pictures do you identify with as far as providing you the motivation to make the change? What was the incident which sparked the idea? Is this a past or present job? Thanks in advance for sharing your stories!!

1. Don’t jump

2. Butt kisser (imagine seeing this as you wait to enter a job fair!)

3. This is a weapon-free work zone still, right?

4. Getting ready to eat “sh*t”

5. In hot water

6. I could just kick myself

7. Feeling like crap as you wait for the pink slip

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Kathleen Smith

Great photos! I love the international flavor and they always have great photos! All of these seem to have happened to me at one time or another in my (Very) long career. I guess the one that is not here is the one where you feel nauseous as you walk into work and actually get sick. That is what did it to me, and decided a career change was in order.

Unfortunately many of us think that it is one change that is needed rather than a series of changes that are needed and sometimes they are not all in our professional life.




Thanks for sharing. As an HR professional, people have told me they have experienced what you’ve said, although the culprit was a person making them “sick”. One former employee told me that the reason why they were leaving was that the awakening was when their sister drove them to the hospital emergency room for heart attack symptoms – turns out it was stress.