Convert DoD Guides into eBooks

An Open Letter to DOD,

Release your guides like the Defense Acquisition Guidebook and DOD IP Guide in ebook formats. Ebook sales now outpace hardback sales on Amazon. The times are changing and so should the release of DOD guide formats. Yes, I can download the information as a PDF, but that’s a pain because I have to plug my ebook into my computer and reformat data in ways I don’t know how to do. If DOD converted the guides into ebook formats friendly to at least Amazon’s Kindle, you’ll have covered most of the ebook market. It’s an easy way to spread information.


A Contracting Nerd

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Stephen Peteritas

Why stop at DoD? Amazon and Apple should be able to do this for free for the gov… not a big lift of their part.

Katherine Clarke Radican "Casey"

Our agency is assisting other agencies with converting their publicatoins to eBooks and getting them accessible via our partnership with Google now (Read more here: http://www.gpo.gov/pdfs/news-media/press/11news17.pdf). If you know of any points of contact with in any agency that need assistance with this, please have them reach out to GPO. They are welcomed to email me and I will point them in the right direction: [email protected]

Sterling Whitehead

@Katherine. I wish I knew the POCs that would handle this. I will repost your comment on the DAU group b/c it maintains the DoD guides I referenced.