Crowdsourcing at its Best

I just found an interesting comment on a blog at Information Week from Janelle:

When the City of San Francisco, the City of Houston, and the Country of Ireland wanted to launch innovation portals to increase collaboration & gather ideas between employees and citizens, they turned to Brightidea.

All three programs have unique themes with the City of San Francisco gathering ideas from city employees on how to decrease the current $522 million budget deficit over a finite period of time, and setting up rewards and recognition program for the top ideas. The City of Houston had such success with their program that nearly 30% of ideas submitted were immediately implemented.

Irelands Your Country Your Call competition is a worldwide challenge to collect ideas on securing Irleand’s economic prosperity in the future. The competition’s backing of €200,000 prize money and €500,000 towards implementation of two top proposals is a true testament to the value of harnessing the collective brainpower of many. The participation has been overwhelming with over 40,000 visitors, 2,000 idea submissions, and thousands of comments and votes in just weeks since its launch.

Having a ministry in Ireland, I went to the Your Country Your Call site and found it to include fascinating uses of technology, especially the ‘Share Your Ireland Moment – Get Involved’ page.

They’re offering 500,000 and 100,000 Euro top prizes

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Sam Allgood

Joe, I did some searching and could not find any reference to it on, which appears to be headquartered or at least have an office in Houston. A Google search shows that the term Bright Idea is used a lot in Houston stories.

Dustin Haisler

Hey Joe, I’m happy to share best practices for government crowdsourcing based on my experience at Spigit ( As a CIO, I launch Manor Labs ( for the City of Manor, Texas and now as Director of Government Innovation for Spigit, I recently launched New York City’s internal crowdsourcing portal call NYC Simplicity Idea Market (