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Deloitte on Canadian Public Sector Innovation


Canada has a widely discussed “Innvation Gap” challenge. They’re scoring a ‘D for Innovation‘, and falling behind in global industry.

Since 2001 the country has slipped from third to 13th on the Global Competitiveness Index, from second to 10th in the OECD’s broadband ranking, and from fourth to 13th in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s e-readiness ranking.

This issue and how to address it is the #1 reason to drive the Open Government movement. Applying Open Innovation universally across how Government works, particularly how it supports and funds entrepreneurism, is the primary catalyst area.

Canada needs to boostrap some key technology industries like Cloud Computing, it needs to engineer more practical links between academia and start-ups and it needs to fill the Venture Capital gap too.

However more important than any of these is the need to reinvent Government itself. Before it can re-engineer processes and programs to be more innovative, there is a requirement to first transform the organizations that are designing these new models; otherwise they’ll simply be too resistant to the change it demands.

With this in mind this paper from Deloittes makes for a great debate topic : Innovation in Government – Conversations with Canada’s public service leaders.”

They have interviewed the public sector managers and directors to ask them how this innovation re-engineering could and should be implemented.

Have a read, post your comments – What do you think? Does Deloitte have their finger on the pulse of public sector best practices?

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