Design For America– Have you entered?

I interviewed Sunlight Lab’s guru Clay Johnson on the Design For America competition (click here to watch interview). The winners will be announced at the Gov 2.0 Expo on May 25th. Make sure you get your entry in before the deadline. Click here for more details.

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Srinidhi Boray


Redesign of Federal IT Dashboard


At this time many datas are not unlocked to provide a complete picture. Only information for the spend, i.e “investment” are displayed. But motivations for these and the organization or mission improvements are not displayed. Also, there are many lifecycle related data they are too not visible, essential to understand that money was spent for a legitimate reason.

The investment data at this time seem to be in working in suspension.

The redesign will unlock the hidden data, many of them architectural and will complete the story.

Also, the visualization will attempt to overcome the “empirical notions” and demonstrate “cartesian dilemma” when they occur.

Cartesian dilemma is the mis-aligment of the agency mission’s strategic thinking that is “subjective” and the operational plans that is “objective”. When one begins planning by not acknowledging this issue, then the plans fall into natural fault owing to cartesian dilemma.

Federal IT Dashboard