Did Anyone Attend the IC Virtual Career Event Yesterday?

9 IC Agencies were in attendance at yesterdays’ virtual career fair! If you were one of the 23k registrants/attendees at the event:

1. What was your overall experience?
2. Did you find your experience comparable to attending a “Live” event?
3. Who was your favorite Recruiter? Employer? Forum?
4. What were your biggest peeves?
5. Did you interview for a position?
6. What would you change?

Best wishes with landing your dream career in the federal government.


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Debra Fitzwater

I did attend Steve. Thanks for asking. It was a wild ride to say the least. The environment was very well thought out executed. It was exactly as you would expect when attending a live event. Here comes the however… However, too many attendees and not enough recruiters/hiring managers to handle the surge of folks seeking career opps. Isn’t this always the case esp. in today’s economy. This was almost to be expected. I believe I would have made the event a two day event and had a certain amount of attendees that would be eligible to log in for each day. It is impossible to handle up to 16k registrants at one time. A better process to disqualify ineligible folks, up front, would have been beneficial. There were also some security concerns and it appears that the situations were handled in a timely matter. So overall, well monitored. The lobby chat session remained open and should have been attended after 8pm (when the event was over). I was logged in and there were some shady characters hanging out up until 11pm. One was posing as an NSA Recruiter and began harassing the female registrants. Overall, a well executed event!

P.S. The environment is still open if anyone wants to go in and have a look. 🙂 http://www.icvirtualfair.com

Take care.