The Enigma of an Upset – Siena College

Let’s get right to it… we love upsets… that’s why we watch March Madness… everyone loves to pull for the little guy… it’s why the Hokie Guru loves the Men’s NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament more than the Bowl Championship Series… seriously?!?!? Could tiny little Siena College, a college with 3000 stuents, even play in the same area code for football with Purdue, a large landgrant university with 40,000 students? I think not.

But anything can happen on one game in March… and Purdue’s best player, Forward Robbie Hummel, is out for the season… while, Siena’s best player, combo guard Ronald Moore, was good enough to be nominated for the Bob Cousey award.

The Hokie Guru is taking Siena. Others first round upsets worth considering:

Northern Iowa over UNLV

Murray State over Vanderbilt

Missouri over Clemson

Cornell over Temple

Old Dominion over Notre Dame

Let the games begin 🙂

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Heather Coleman

So I’m guessing I’m the only one to pick UVM over Syracuse first round… What’s the prize for last place again???

barbara haven

Liking Butler: Duke may be the favorite in the game tonight against Butler, but it has been cast as the villain of this fairy tale. My High School team was named after Duke’s.