Digital Transition..CBS..I will miss you.

Yesterday many television stations made the switch over to Digital TV, even though the Federal Gov’t extended the deadline. Although I believe we are due for new and improved ways for technologies, especially TV and Radio. I feel bad for those under served areas/communities that still depend on an analog antenna and were not able to receive their converter box. Mostly I will miss the local CBS station being able to broadcast analog to the radio on the lower 87.x channels. I liked being able to listen to the local news, weather, and traffic report on the way home in my car. Now it is just all static as the local station chose not to buy the radio channel. Over the past 100 years we have went from Radio, to Television, to Computers, to much more. So just like other technologies I am hoping that digital continues to progress for the better.

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T.G. O'Neill

Yes, and all of the emergency radio products that receive television audio will no longer function, including the one I have. These items are still on the shelves, I noticed. I wish I had the one with short-wave bands instead.