E.D. search for new advocacy organization for renewing democracy

NCDD member Steven Kull asked me to share this interesting job description with the NCDD community, for Executive Director of a new advocacy organization for renewing democracy. If you are interested in this position, send your resume and cover letter to Steven at [email protected].

Executive Director, New Advocacy Organization for Renewing Democracy

Seeking an Executive Director to develop a new national organization that seeks to renew democracy by giving the citizenry a greater voice in government. It will seek to pass legislation at the state and federal levels establishing a new government capacity for consulting the public on public policy.

The Executive Director, working closely with the President, will:

–help build the governing board of this new organization
–hire a small staff based in Washington DC
–launch a major web-based fundraising and membership building campaign
–undertake a fundraising campaign with major donors and foundations
–launch and manage a campaign in several strategically chosen states and
at the federal level to pass legislation in support of this new capacity
–interact directly with elected officials and staffers to promote
–manage member-relations
–promote media coverage
–make public presentations and appear in media
–write op-eds

Applicants should have substantial experience:

–managing campaigns
–managing web-based operations
–managing a staff
–interfacing with legislators
–promoting legislation
–interfacing with media

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