Earth Hour, Lights out and pandemic prep – This Saturday.

Earth hour is this Saturday March 28th from 8:30 to 9:30. (Source:

You can also register your city: Yea, USA is under repersented even though we use more lights.

Turning off the lights, TV, etc for an hour to save energy.

With any luck it will or should be dark. This is a good time to test emergency flash lights for when disasters hit, electic bill is not paid, black outs, hurricanes or even pandemics.

Does everyon have a flash light? Do you have a battery powered lantern? Will you take the time during earth hour to talk to neighbors or play cards together?

For those working the night shift keeping the computers going and work flowing – do you have a flashlight at work? Ever notice there is no emergency light in the bathroom?

We are doing this as much for our earth as for ourselves.

BTW – do not forget to replace the batteries in smoke alarm if you have not done this.
Hint: write the date on the battery with a sharpie marker.

Happy earth hour. Do something different. Do something good. You have the time and it can fit into your life.

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