Empowering Supply Chain and Financial Processes

Another unique element of Jetstream is the fact that we allow you to automate both supply chain and financial processes. Many of the vendors we find ourselves in competition with only offer one or the other. Here are a few reasons why we think that’s a benefit worth mentioning:

Powerful automation applications across the board

Apptricity provides automation applications that empower users, save time and money, and deliver visibility into and control of operations. Jetstream also brings with it a comprehensive approach to an organization’s business processes. For some, a point solution to handle asset tracking or e-procurement is enough, but many companies need assistance in multiple areas that can best be served by an integrated, multi-solution suite like Jetstream. Organizations tend to enter multi-million dollar deals with major ERP vendors in order to resolve such widespread problems, but reality often sets in before the ink has even dried: many major ERP solutions prove to be functionally deficient, technically antiquated and expensive to implement and maintain.

As Tim mentioned in his “Above the Cloud” article (March issue of Jetstream Monthly), we don’t have any magic formulas for automating procurement or warehouse management. The power lies in the core of each solution, which is what we describe as “Jetstream.” Maximum configurability of workflow and business rules, flexible integration with other data sources and applications, mobile capabilities for usage with smartphones and tablets, maximum adaptability to existing IT infrastructures and environments, and options for on-premise or SaaS deployment are what make Apptricity the best choice for process automation and optimization. This allows us to extend these capabilities to multiple areas within the enterprise, which makes sense because large organizations typically have common departments or areas of operation like Accounts Payable, Procurement, Warehousing and Facility Management. So why confine the efficiencies to just one area like financial management?

Seamless integration

Not only can Apptricity provide robust solutions for automating business processes at the level large enterprises require, we do so in a manner that allows for maximum flexibility in integration at the time of deployment as well as in the future. All Jetstream applications are built on the same platform and designed to work together. We did this for two reasons:

  1. We wanted our applications to have a consistent user experience. Anyone using our e-Procurement suite could easily start using any of the Supply Chain Management solutions with little to no training and vice versa. Tasks such as managing permissions, creating reports, and reviewing requests will be the same across all of Jetstream’s applications. Also, the advent of tablets, phones and other mobile devices has revolutionized the way people do business and it’s important for software applications to keep up. Jetstream delivers all of this and more, making it a unique option in the space.
  2. Supply chain and financial processes overlap in certain areas, particularly with procurement and supply chain management, so it makes sense to design both suites to work together seamlessly. For example, a user involved in procurement will need to access the information in the supply chain and inventory systems to determine what needs to be replenished and when. On the other hand, users in charge of the warehouse(s) might need to verify shipments and compare what was actually received with the invoice and purchase order, whereas a company that relies on certain pieces of equipment and machinery (assets) for the production of goods will often need to access information in the purchasing system like maintenance schedules, supplier and contract details and warranty coverage for ordering replacements. This information could be used to issue work orders for routine maintenance and repairs, or to help guard against unnecessary purchases when assets are still under warranty. As a result of this relation between supply chain and financial processes, many users will need to access multiple applications. The seamless integration made possible by Jetstream only requires that each user’s information be entered once. This includes approval authorizations, cost center assignments, permissions and more.

Jetstream provides organizations with an integrated platform of complementary applications, rather than a series of point solutions that may or may not fully address the issues at hand. Often, potential customers attempt to solve a single problem, whether with warehouse, invoice, asset, or something else, when it is actually symptomatic of larger issues within the organization. By leveraging the Jetstream suite, companies avoid the implementation and support nightmare of having multiple point solutions trying to accomplish all of the facets that can be handled by Jetstream. Add to that the fact that subsequent deployments of Jetstream will cost less in terms of time and money, and the value inherent in the platform becomes readily apparent to organizations looking to resolve multiple issues with one tailored solution.

Apptricity is the provider of the Jetstream suite of e-Procurement, Financial Productivity and Supply Chain Management solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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