EPP TEAM L – Fort Leavenworth Army College Visit

Team L of the Graduate School Executive Potential visited United States Army Combined Arms College at Ft. Leavenworth yesterday, Nov. 17. We were hosted by retired Major General Ralph Doughty who is the Chair of Interagency and Multinational Studies. We spent the day in briefing and demos that were geared toward giving us a better understanding of the mission and vision of the school. We were blown away by the integrated approach that has been fostered by this institution for teaching our future leaders. Two things stood out in particular: (1) the new state of the art facility (The Lewis & Clark Bldg) and (2) the simulation center that’s being used to help critical thinking for teaching real life scenarios. Even though it took all day we would’ve like to have been spend more there learning more about how the school. Given the opportunity everyone agreed they would like go back and if possible even take advantage of the Interagency programs available.

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