Escaping Your Funk: Just Exercise

About 3 weeks ago, I injured my ankle. I’ve been crutches-bound ever since. For this two week period, something changed in me. I just wasn’t as motivated and energetic as I once was. I figured it would leave me after a few days, but it didn’t. I suspected it was because I couldn’t jog, which I rely on to relieve stress. As an alternative, I did push-ups and sit-ups. My heart was pumping blood and all the stress left my body. I arrived at work with a focus I hadn’t felt in two weeks.

Once you’re in a haze, it’s easy to forget that exercise is the best friend. So even if your ankle is hurt, find another way to get your heart going. You’ll be better before you know it.

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Corey McCarren

I had the same thing except no ankle problems. I’m very busy and running where I live at night is definitely not an option. I started just exercising at my apartment for like 40 minutes every night and it’s just as good, except I don’t think I’ll be breaking a 5 minute mile again any time soon.