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5 Social Media Tips to Promote Your #Gov 2.0 Mobile App

People and organizations are flocking to social media. Governments are no different. These channels are perfect opportunities to promote your mobile app solution.

Note: This will be much more effective if you have a dedicated landing page with instructions to download your app. CitySourced has assets and copy which we can provide you in building out your web page. Contact us for specific information.

1. Create a Facebook Widget

Most of planet is already on Facebook, so you should play in the same space. For instance at CitySourced, this Widget makes it super simple for citizens to report new issues directly within your Facebook page. Read more here.

CitySourced Facebook App

2. Send Twitter Messages

Harness your twitter followers and use those 140 characters to drive them to your landing page. Twitter’s constant stream of updates makes this a very repeatable action. Repeat this action at least once a month.

Also, add hashtags to the tweets that are relevant to your app. For CitySourced, we focus on #Gov 2.0 and #mobileapps.

Want Mobile Civic Reporting in Your Community?

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3. Write a Blog Post

A blog post is a great place to connect with residents. You’re reading one right now. Important info to include:

  • How to use the app.
  • Explain why you deployed the app.
  • Tell residents where they can get the download the app, including links.

4. Update your LinkedIn Status

Your professional contacts are interested in knowing your latest endeavors. If you work in the government, GIS, or other related industry, update your personal or corporate status to spread the word about the app. Don’t forget to include a link to direct readers where they can download the app.

5. Email Marketing

If you already use email to communicate with residents, then add a link to email signature block. It easy to do once, leave it, and it’s an automatic way to generate awareness around your mobile app.

Email Marketing

Have you tried these tactics? Do you have any other ideas for promoting a mobile app?

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