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Excited about Gov 2.0 conference

I could never figure out why some people dread going to conferences. It is always so fast paced, with a ton of people you want to meet, and happy hour every night. I just took over the government liaison/business development role at Marion Montgomery, Inc., so I am looking forward to attending the conference.

MMI has done some amazing things in the Federal space, notably a Public Service Announcement they did for DoD sponsored US Family Health Plan, which they won an EMMY AWARD! My wife watches those award shows religiously, so I thought I knew the program, but I had no idea they gave away such prestigious awards to companies.

I created a new Twitter account in preperation for the conference, and I was thinking hard about my screen name. I wanted it to be something that conveyed a clear message to people when they saw it. I thought long and hard, and I came up with “HowcanIhelpyo”. “HowcanIhelpyou” was taken, but I kind of like the “Yo” part now. If I had a New York accent it would be perfect.

So if you are going to the Gov 2.0 conference please don’t hesitate to drop me a line via the online directory, or head to Twitter and search for my “HowcanIhelpyo” handle, and send me a message there.

A closing thought….I always have a hard time deciding between “Carpe diem”, or “Semper Fi” as my closing…I wonder if Semper Fi/Carpe diem would look stuipid? 🙂

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Sylvonia Poole

I will not be able to attend the conference but I would love to learn more about it. Will there be any happy hours after the conference.