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Sequestration & Social Media

Well, sequestration is in our midst and there isn’t much that we can do about it. By now I’m sure you all have heard the many consequences sequestration will likely bring: Furloughs, longer lines at the airport, prison lockdowns higher risks of terrorism, women and children taken off of WIC… canceled white house tours! Well,Read… Read more »

The Armed Forces Leading the Charge in Facebook Likes

Government’s move toward better utilization of the web in hopes of increasing citizen engagement isn’t exactly a new pursuit. It’s a rather old one in truth, however that doesn’t mean it’s going away anytime soon. Now more than ever government is looking for new ways to improve internet presence and open new channels of communication.Read… Read more »

GovTwit releases data set for 4,500 tagged IDs

After seeking a way to revive the GovTwit directory (including trialing interesting services like and TwitChimp), I’ve yet to find a solution that would include all of the features and functionality I’d like. So today I’m making all of the backend GovTwit data I have culled since 2008 available to anyone who may beRead… Read more »

Bittersweet End: GovTwit directory turns three, but forced to shut down

The short story: is dead and I’m looking for ideas on how to get it back up and running. The slightly longer version: I recently sat on a panel hosted by Market Connections, which was releasing their third annual report around the use of social media in government (you can download the overview here),Read… Read more »

Secret Service starts Twitter account, stumbles

Just nine days after starting an official (and verified) Twitter feed, the U.S. Secret Service had a pretty public gaffe that most professional social media managers have experienced (or feared) at some point or another. As reported by ABC News and other outlets, a staffer accidentally tweeted something meant for a personal account. The departmentRead… Read more »

State Department adding new in-language Twitter feeds

Originally posted at I attended Secretary Clinton’s speech about Internet freedom yesterday at George Washington University (see the State Department report and Alex Howard’s write-up at for good overview and links) and as her remarks came to a close, she mentioned that in addition to tweeting in Arabic and Farsi, the State DepartmentRead… Read more »

Congressman Hoyer’s Twitter account hacked or impersonated during State of the Union?

Take a look at the screenshot below; either Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer was blowing off some serious steam with a string of profanity-laden tweets during last night’s State of the Union address, or the Democratic Whip has had one of his Twitter IDs, @LeaderHoyer, hacked or otherwise compromised. Twitter’s government liaison Adam Sharp has beenRead… Read more »

New Twitter interface not working for agencies using Internet Explorer 7 or 8?

It appears that in addition to breaking background images (as I wrote about earlier) the “new Twitter” interface may not be working at all for some agencies which rely on Internet Explorer versions 7 or 8. The State Department’s Noel Dickover tweeted about the issue a couple of days ago, and a quick Google searchRead… Read more »