Fabulous is at a Premium!

Employers are constantly looking for fabulous employees. We all know they exist, but we aren’t quite sure what makes them fabulous … it just bugs some of us! Fabulous employees have some intangible, invisible quality that escapes us … some of us even try to keep our distance while we envy them.

Are you a fabulous employee? Can you truly say that you’re fabulous at what you do? If so, you can stop reading right now. You’re fabulous!

Otherwise, let’s deconstruct fabulous employees and see if we can figure out what makes them tick.

What Does it Take to Be Fabulous?

Ever wonder what it takes to shine at work or what it takes to standout from your peers? Do you deserve recognition for your work? These elusive creatures are hard to nail down, especially since they morph between employers and supervisors! Is there a way to tame this ugly beast?

Step One: The first and most important thing to becoming “fabulous” is to love what you do so you’ll never have to work a day in your life! This can’t be faked! Love your work or find something you do love!

Step Two: Once you love what you do, be truly confident in your abilities. That comes from constantly updating your knowledge and skills, staying on top of the latest trends, staying connected to the “movers & shakers” in your field and keeping your finger on the pulse of the “buzz”. This can’t be faked either but the good thing about this step is that it’s easily achieved by people who truly love what they do (see previous step). People who love what they do, gravitate naturally to the latest buzz about topics for which they truly have interest.

Step Three: Practice humility and invite yourself to get better every day! Remain open to suggestions from everyone! There’s an old saying about this one … no one is as smart as everyone. It has validity! Synergy happens when we share and exchange ideas with other people, no matter how bad we think some ideas might seem! I’ve seen bad ideas transform into fabulous practices when people feel comfortable enough to share their ideas. But, when we start believing our own press that’s the end of our trek toward “fabulous”.

Step Four: Figure out what drives you to keep going and tap into it. Keep on track, pick your battles, hustle even when you’re hustle has pooped-out, persevere, and put constructive criticism to good use!

Step Five: Find out how your employer & supervisor define “fabulous” and make it happen! Do whatever it takes to be the best you can be.

Step Six: Accept recognition gracefully, even when it is derived solely from personal knowledge that you did a great job! Expect to recognized from the inside, not from the people around you.

Here’s a recap thus far:
Truly enjoy what you do and have absolute confidence in your knowledge and ability to do it well, even when you’re only ROI might be the pleasure you get from knowing you accomplished something awesome. Know what your employer and supervisor value and make it happen!

Step Seven: Accept that you’re flawed and that you will never achieve perfection! Make perfection your journey, not your destination!

Have you figured it out yet?
The secret to being fabulous is “passion”. Whatever you’re intensely passionate about, you will also be deeply persistent about and this will drive you to go to most any length to achieve “fabulous”.

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