Feds, the Hokie Guru (Matthew Worner) needs your vote

Feds, clearly, I’m going to totally beg for your vote here lol.

Govloop put out a post on the President’s SAVE Award… and quite frankly, I have an awesome idea that could save taxpayers in the range of millions alone at the United States Department of Homeland Security… and maybe billions if extrapolated across the federal government (and I want to meet the President, so I need your vote lol). I’ve already posted once on Govloop’s blog post, but I figured a 2nd could not hurt 🙂

Here is my idea (you must get an account at this web site and vote for me).

In our May 2008 information technology technical security evaluation of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operations at Chet Holifield Federal Building (CHFB) in Laguna Niguel, CA, we found substantial opportunities for costs savings in the area of telecommunications (see our report here). We found that ICE did not have an accurate inventory of its telecommunications lines at CHFB. For example, we found that ICE could save $17,412 annually by disconnecting a non-operational telecommunications line. Specifically, we noted that ICE was paying a $1,451 monthly fee for a telecommunications line that has not been used since the implementation of the DHS OneNet (e.g. OneNet is an enterprise-wide communications network that will is envisioned to provide DHS components with secure data, voice, video, tactical radio, and satellite communications between internal and external DHS resources). After determining that this telecommunications line was not being used, we recommended that ICE disconnect the line immediately. To date, over one million dollars in cost savings has been achieved alone at CHFB. If DHS completed an inventory of its telecommunications networks and disconnected those that were inactive (for example, due to the implementation of OneNet), the agency could potentially save tax payers in the range of millions of dollars. Further, if the federal government also completed this same inventory and disconnected those telecommunications lines that were not in use (for example, through the BRAC closures and such) the cost savings could be in the billions of dollars.

I am submitting this idea on behalf of Frank Deffer, Sharon Huiswoud, Beverly Dale, Kevin Burke, Domingo Alvarez, and Matthew Worner, the audit team that produced this great report.

Vote here!!!

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