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Federal Employee Financial Plan Are you a Federal Employee? Do you realize how important a financial plan really is at every stage of your life? Having a financial plan is probably the most important part of managing your financial life. Having a sound, flexible financial plan today is more important than it has ever been. Resources are limited… Read more »

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Withdrawal Options The rules for your Thrift Savings Plan are pretty straightforward while you are working, but they become increasingly more complex as you enter retirement and attempt to access the money that you have saved in your account. You have 5 withdrawal options for your Thrift Savings Plan that you can select from. Option… Read more »

Financial Advisors and the Federal Employee I was recently asked if my trainer of financial advisors and planners interested in the federal workforce differed from training federal workers? Without missing a beat, I said most emphatically “It certainly does.” It is more intense because financial advisors and planners need to know more about the Federal Retirement Systems than the federal… Read more »

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

Stocks bounced around quite a bit last week, and the trend was for strong morning action, followed by some profit taking later in the day, but when it was over, we saw respectable gains for the week. The situation in the Ukraine has investor’s on their toes, but the indices continue to climb that preverbal… Read more »

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

Stocks rallied last week with some indices testing, and even breaking above, their December highs. Here are the weekly, monthly, and annual TSP fund returns through Friday, February 14… The S&P 500 (SPY / C-fund)) filled its open gap from January (red), and the old highs are within a stone’s throw. Stocks may be a… Read more »

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

After two weeks of consistent selling pressure, stocks finally produced a meaning rebound after Wednesday’s positive reversal day and strong follow-through on Thursday and Friday. Even a weaker than expected jobs report could not stop the rally, and the Dow gained 450 points from the low made on Wednesday. Bond and the F-fund also managed… Read more »