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What is the Cost of 1,000,000 TPS?

Suppose you are called into a meeting and asked to help with some quick planning estimates for a new IT system that is being proposed in response to an important and urgent White House initiative. The system will be used to collect and analyze massive amounts of real-time sensor data. Your boss says “we needRead… Read more »

Shared service delivery: 4 tactics from the private sector

This blog post was written by my colleague John Weigelt. You can read more of his posts here. Governments everywhere are looking for opportunities to do more with less. One approach is to create a shared services organization so services can be consolidated across departments or agencies (the city of Frankfurt is a good example).Read… Read more »

L-Podcast Episode 001: Bernie O’Donnell, Director, Communications Services for the State of Connecticut

Welcome to the first in a continuing series of discussions with thought leaders who are bringing new and innovative solutions to the challenges government faces in delivering services to the citizen. I am your host Guy Clinch and my guest in this episode is Mr. Bernard O’Donnell, Director, Communications Services for the State of Connecticut.Read… Read more »

Estimating the Cost of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation

Many government agencies are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build line of business solutions using an approach that Microsoft calls xRM. One of the challenges is to calculate the cost of such an implementation. One of the questions I am asked most frequently by clients is to estimate the cost of a software implementation project.Read… Read more »

How federal agencies save money by running IT like a business

The Federal CIO’s 25-Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT Management mandated that federal agencies complete progress reports and plans for data center consolidation. As a result, fiscal year 2011 brought the closure of more than 81 data centers, with more than 900 scheduled to shutter by FY2015, for a cost savings of nearly $5Read… Read more »

Better Buying Power 2.0

Frank Kendall, DoD’s Acquisition Executive, published a preliminary version of Better Buying Power 2.0 on Nov 13 “to ensure affordability and increase productivity in defense spending to deliver better value to the taxpayer and Warfighter”. Better Buying Power 2.0 encompasses 36 initiatives across seven focus areas: Achieve Affordable Programs Control Costs Throughout the Product LifecycleRead… Read more »

Government Needs to Go Open Source

Why is it so hard for government to look for resources that already exist? As someone who’s managed social media accounts for the government I understand the challenge. The inclination is still for the need to “own” and “create” rather than collaborate. Even when it comes to training videos or conference entertainment, there is noRead… Read more »

The GovLoop Leadership Guide Companion (3 of 3): Beyond Doing More With Less: Doing Different

The Series Welcome to the final of three posts intended to help you get the most out of GovLoop’s new leadership guide: 10 Traits of a Great Government Leader. Each of these posts covers a different theme and, taken together, cover all ten traits in the leadership guide. Our intent is to provide you withRead… Read more »