Five Website Features You’ll Love (And So Will Your Visitors)

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is in the air, and we at OmniStudio want to express our love for beautiful web design. Open source tools like WordPress, combined with easy sharing plugins for social media posting, make it possible to build a website that you and your visitors will love. Here are some of our favorite features of websites to love.

Blog – Blogs are beautiful tools. Not only can authors and thought leaders quickly share and promote ideas, opinions, and reactions, but blogging goes above and beyond page content. Search engines love the kind of fresh and new content offered by blogging, which in turn will bring more visitors to the site. As content is king in the digital world, blogs are an excellent platform for consistently producing and sharing new content on websites.

Share Features – Implicit in any new site design is the functionality for easy social sharing. Sharing tools help visitors spread their love of content on websites and blogs. These features also allow for simple cross-promotion of a site’s content, so once a page is updated or a blog written, staff and visitors alike have a one-click mechanism for disseminating content and messages across social platforms.

Graphics – It goes without saying that we love graphic design here at the Studio. Strong visuals can engage and inspire visitors and add that emotional connection that can more strongly convey a message than plain words. With the growing use of Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms, social sharing of images and infographics makes it even more valuable to incorporate strong visual content to any website.

Responsive Design – Show your love for the visitor by developing a website that adapts to the device they choose to view it on. Responsive design offers the flexibility to view sites on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops without disrupting the visitor’s experience. All the functionality at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger!

One-Click Action – Whether you’re selling something, collecting donations, or asking for petition sign-ons, make it simple. The fewer steps, the higher the conversion rate for visitors who want to take a quick 30-second break from their email to send a message to their representative or purchase the latest e-book. And of course, visitors will love the simplicity of one-click operations so much that they may share it on social platforms – what’s not to love here?!

What are some of your favorite website features? What websites do you love?

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