FOIA Meets Electronic Mail

Freedom of Information Act requests are swamping government. Governments have growing incentive to open-up, be transparent and publish their records (such as lots of email) directly on the web. If records are published, government doesn’t have to waste so much effort replying to FOIA demands.

A case study is the municipality of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Gerry La Londe-Berg

I’m right there with you.

The same is true of the California Public Records Act. The CPRA applies to our work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Public_Records_Act

“The California Public Records Act determines what must be shared by a government entity. For Human Services agencies nearly all the client/customer information is confidential by law. It is important to note that operational information such as policies, procedures, meeting notes, and budgets are public records. It is in the best interests of the organization to post these records that are public records in a routine manner. By doing so the organization is not unduly burdened by public records requests and the people who are most interested: governance bodies, staff and stakeholders can have a convenient means to get information they use. ”


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