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Separation of Church and State: Myths and Facts

The Founders Tried to Protect Us From Religious Extremists America’s founders deliberately kept god out of our Constitution because they didn’t want a theocracy. But many Americans now try to force all of us to practice their faith, and prevent some from practicing different faiths. Nothing is more un-American. James Madison and Gouverneur Morris wroteRead… Read more »

Open Government and Obama’s Re-election

Obama’s first term in office brought in innovative technology leaders like Todd Park, Bryan Sivak and Vivek Kundra, to name a few. With his reelection, we can expect four more years of their and others’ continued work in the space of government data. But what does that really mean? We at Captricity have been thinkingRead… Read more »

Voting is a Sacred Trust, Coveted By Billions Who Cannot

Politics are terrible… Voting doesn’t matter… It’s only the primary… I’m too busy… These are commonly heard sentiments of people who don’t vote. Unfortunately, those who choose not to vote are putting their rights, business, property, community and even freedom at risk! Politics can be terrible. But to quote Winston Churchill, who led England toRead… Read more »

Health Care Security is a Fundamental Freedom — Part III

Corporate America Gone Wild! Some opponents of health care reform assert that the Affordable Care Act will result in a lack of personal freedom due to the so-called individual mandate. But what about our freedom from Corporate America gone wild? Freedom from Wall Street conartists. Freedom from bloated barrons of banking. And freedom from theRead… Read more »

Did We Forget Why We Are Here?

Freedom – that is why we are here, is it not?! How did our great nation begin…. somewhere in there, was a quest, a yearning, for freedom. Freedom from what? Freedom from any large entity dictating to us – telling us how we must live our lives, no taxation without representation, of speech, life, libertyRead… Read more »

Does the public service need more free radicals?

A Manifesto for Free Radicals by Scott Belsky is nothing short of awesome. It certainly has inspired me – and clarified many of my observation about the public service. Ok. I’ve put together this post based on my experiences here in Australia. But how does the public service in your part of the world measureRead… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Week – May 27, 2011

“Freedom of Information Summit brings journalists, open-records advocates together” The event was held in New Hampshire (in part) by the National Freedom of Information Coalition. “Real-Time Data Helps Iowa Households Lower Their Water Bills” Data = potential for cost-savings. “New GAO Report Shows the Benefits of Spending Transparency” “Often, when talking about why Recovery ActRead… Read more »