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RFP Pre-Proposal Conference Via Webinar

The City of San Diego has issued an RFP for Landfill Operations. The City has selected Green Proposals to facilitate their pre-proposal conference Via Webinar. No cost to the City. Green Proposals delivers high-quality online pre-proposal meeting services that quickly bring sizeable time and cost savings to government purchasing departments and their vendors.

What Is Needed to Build a Transparent, High-Performance Government

The traditional bureaucratic leadership style, typical in governmental organizations, limits employee flexibility in the workplace. Elected and appointed officials, whose leadership styles depend heavily on bureaucratic and directive approaches, inhibit innovation and employee clarity about the expectations set for them. Senior government officials who engage in a broad repertoire of leadership styles, on the otherRead… Read more »

FOIA Meets Electronic Mail

Freedom of Information Act requests are swamping government. Governments have growing incentive to open-up, be transparent and publish their records (such as lots of email) directly on the web. If records are published, government doesn’t have to waste so much effort replying to FOIA demands. A case study is the municipality of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Social Media isn’t a Prerequisite for Open Government

This post originally appeared on my external blog,“Social Media Strategery.” Open Government/Government 2.0 is about more than wikis, open data, Twitter, Web 2.0, or social media—it is about the strategic use of technology to transform our government into a platform that is participatory, collaborative, and transparent. Sure, social media can help facilitate this transformation, butRead… Read more »

What is Enterprise 2.0 – Amended

Previously posted at Enterprise 2.0 is the concept of working smarter, not harder in a more transparent work environment, independent of location, computer, or one person doing a specific job. It is a methodology of doing better business and it is one of our Core Competencies at Navstar. Navstar has the leading experts inRead… Read more »

Better Governing Through Online Transparency

In President Obama’s January 21st memorandum, “Transparency and Open Government”, he conveyed our nation’s rejuvenated commitment to openness and transparency by writing: “Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing. […] [Government] should harness new technologies to put information about their operations and decisions online and readily available toRead… Read more »

Changing Washington: Obama’s First 100 Days

On his first day in office, President Obama began acting on his campaign promise to “change the way Washington does business.” His first directive to agencies articulated a set of principles of how he wants the government to do its business: more transparency in how government does it work, more citizen participation via the Internet,Read… Read more »