Football Saturday Meets Disaster Preparedness

In today’s cultural climate, professional athletes are often regarded as modern-day “heroes” by a large segment of the population. As a fellow sports enthusiast, I agree that there are few things more exciting than a game changing performance by star athletes. But heroism, like many others, is a relative term; one that is more often used for men and women engaged in the business of preparing for disasters and saving lives.

A new public service announcement aired by ESPN, in collaboration with the Ad Council and FEMA’s campaign, strikes at the heart of this message for everyday heroics. The ad is titled “HERO” and is presented within the context of heroism in sports. Promoters were enthusiastic about this effort because of the national exposure it would receive from Saturday football viewers. The message of disaster preparation remains key in an environment where actual emergency readiness in the nation is very low.

Following is an ESPN article announcing the new public service announcement along with the video:

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