For all of its “For the People” Expectations? Has your agency met yours?

Besides the benefits, have the agencies been good employers, showing strong leadership, mentoring the young, supporting their employees when they need then or is it Everyman for himself.

What agencies have you found had the most employee-oriented supervisors? I found the military to be the most supportive, although I agree the civilian employees felt left out. The military felt the opposite was true in other areas where the two met as well.

There has to be some truly people agencies out there besides the ones I mentioned.

In general, of course, some agencies within themselves have clicks based on specialty–even the military–pilots at at flying base, professional educators at a service academy. At Air Force Civil Engineering, you weren’t anyone unless you were an engineer or a scientist, but the same standard of supervisors taking care of their charges was still high. What’s the read at your agency? Small or largeness a factor.

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