For all you Brand Activists

A friend of mine runs the David All Group which has a new blog centered around a branding concept call 1-9-90.

The 1 percent of creators convince the 9 percent of activists who in turn persuade the other 90 percent of the people.

Im anot sure if am among the 9 or the 90 but many people here would be part of the former and might find this interesting.


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Jeff Ribeira

I do find that interesting, actually. Thanks for sharing. Although, with today’s increased use and influence of social media, I’d probably say the gap between the 9 and 90 is shrinking. Many more people are becoming activists instead of the audience now that there are so many convenient platforms from which to share. If we’re talking relative to a specific brand itself, though, I suppose the ratio still applies. I wonder…is it possible to be all three?