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Improving Your Government Brand by Providing Great Experiences to Users

Users who access government services expect the same response and capabilities they have with commercial applications they use regularly on their personal devices. Providing this same experience to the people an agency serves creates a positive brand and shows users they are valued.

Digital Engagement Series Part 3: Build Your Brand

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. You have learned how to create and implement organizational objectives and develop a target audience. The next step is to unfold your brand.Step three of the public engagement series will give you a better understanding of what branding means to government organizations and how to set a foundation for allRead… Read more »

Toward a Definition of Brand We All Can Live With

 Someone asked me today, “Isn’t a brand a mark of quality?”Hearing that, I realized (once again) the importance of defining our terminology – preferably before we start talking to one another. So here is a suggested common definition of brand. With the idea that newer thinking builds upon the old. “A brand is a co-createdRead… Read more »

Does Your Agency Have A Brand? – Plus Your Weekend Reads!

Branding matters. When you think of AMC, you think of movie theaters and popcorn. When you think of IKEA, you think easy to assemble furniture. When you think of Amazon, you think of online shopping. But when you think of government, is there a brand? What about at the agency level? Is there a brandRead… Read more »

The Cure for Social Media Pitfalls – 5 Guidelines for Getting Recognized

With the constant barrage of social media status updates and endless marketing ploys that rage around you, how can you ensure you are heard above all the static? How can you use social media to effectively communicate your image and message? Last week I discussed a few social media personalities that drive me crazy. ThisRead… Read more »

FedConnects: Setting Aside Market Research Funds Can Help on a Rainy Day

Today, everyone from top CEOs to President Obama is talking about cutting back on spending and finding ways to “do more with less.” Unfortunately for marketers, this usually means budget cuts or even a full on slashing of your budget. So if you desperately need your next campaign or rebrand to provide the most bangRead… Read more »

Is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office a brand?

Talk of government departments as ‘brands’ makes many civil servants uneasy. If they wanted that sort of talk, they’d go to Hoxton, not Whitehall. Yet when the concept of, for example, the FCO as a brand comes under some threat, then there’s a different kind of uneasiness. That uneasiness includes me – earlier this week,Read… Read more »