The Force Awakens: New Year’s Business Tips

It is time to say hello to your 2016 work goals. It’s time to say good bye to holiday decorations, lulls in work and office holiday parties. You can ring in the new business year with more joie de vivre than in the past by mastering business lessons inspired by the recent Star Wars movie. The tips below will also help you obtain clarity, focus your efforts and it does not require using Jedi mind tricks.

4 Business Lessons inspired by the Stars Wars Force Awakens Movie

Lesson 1: Build strong workplace coalitions.
Seek out like minded business individuals who are trustworthy, show initiative and can readily see the big picture. One of the reasons Rey, Finn and the Resistance were strong opponents against the First Order is because they were able to find and build a strong alliance of supporters to help advance their goals. You can do the same.

Lesson 2: Protect your team.
Do you have your team’s back? Are you willing to put aside your pride or “glory-seeking” to help your peers in their time of need? Take time in the New Year to check on your coworkers and offer them help on their projects without expecting anything in return. General Leia was willing to provide battle support to her team in another star system without notice. Be willing to jump into light speed to protect your colleagues.

Lesson 3: Lead your own rebellion.
It is easy as feds to follow daily orders and get into a routine where you may stop questioning why things happen at work. Be more like the Force Awakens’ character Finn and challenge the status quo. For example, don’t be afraid to question leadership tactfully when you are not comfortable with following certain orders or completing different tasks. Also be willing to disagree with the team and provide tangible solutions that are outside the norm. If your gut tells you something is wrong with a process, or specific assignment, then it is okay to ask questions to determine the best course of action.

Lesson 4: Light Side versus Dark Side.
We’ve all been there before where we may feel like we are sliding to the Dark Side at the office because we’ve lost faith in our progress at the office. Our work may begin to slip or we may stop caring about being present at meetings. A true Jedi will recognize the signs of their waning expectations at work before their efforts fail and make a decision to keep moving forward. When you feel like there is no hope in getting promoted, getting recognition or getting what you want at work, create an exit strategy so you can move to the Light Side your career path.

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