Gender Pay Gap Targeted by Obama

gender pay gapPresident Obama has always been against the huge pay gap that exists between the incomes of the employees of the private sector and the Federal Government. He has been taking steps in this regard for quite some time now and this past week he laid out some new regulations that would require every big enterprise to report the incomes of employees based on ethnicity, gender and race. This would help set up the federal government to monitor the pay gaps and disparities that have continued to exist.

Obama wants pay gap to end:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is provided with the data and tasked with the responsibility of looking into this matter. The agency will target all the firms that have been allegedly paying women lesser than they pay their cross-gender counterparts. Lawsuits are also in place in this regard and the names of the companies will also be publicly disclosed as an aftermath. This would also be the case if there are any disparities between minorities and whites.

As already mentioned, since the beginning of his administration, Obama has been against the huge pay gaps that exist. Despite his efforts, the average compensation across the two genders hasn’t really changed over the past 7 years. When Obama took control, women made 77 cents for every dollar men made and now the figure has changed to 79.

Obama has repeatedly stressed that this whole situation is not how the modern world should be for women. He considers his own daughters to be at threat of not getting the opportunities that they deserve just because of gender disparities.

While there are issues that will only be resolved over time, the efforts of the President in this regard are clearly of great substance and we can hope for some positive results soon.

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