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Inspiring Federal Employee Job Satisfaction Success

Among the top 10 predictors of federal job satisfaction are whether supervisors promote employee health and safety, instill trust and confidence in their workers, help employees achieve professional goals, and encourage work-life balance.

Survivor Benefit Options for Federal Employees

Choosing a Survivor Benefit: Taking Care of the Ones You Love While no one likes to contemplate their own death, making sure that your family will be provided for after your passing is an important part of retirement planning. Private-sector employees generally just apply for and buy life insurance and move on, but as aRead… Read more »

Improving the Employee Experience

According to the Partnership for Public Service’s recent Employee Engagement Survey, employees give their federal agencies failing marks. A dismal 39 percent of federal employees think they can actually attract the right people to their jobs. The survey is based off of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM’s) Federal Viewpoint Survey, which measures if fedsRead… Read more »