Good Governance Worldwide

Check out ASPA’s new Web site aimed at promoting good governance worldwide – particularly in modernizing and emerging democracies. It offers a wide array of best practice content – through e-articles, commentaries, book reviews, interviews, blogs, podcasts, videos, topical forums, wikis, etc. – and should open up networking opportunities for practitioners, applied researchers, PA students, trainers, and technical consultants, among others. Also, I’m confident that many GovLoop kibitizers have additional content relevant to this worldwide community of practice – proven tools, techniques, strategies and field-tested experience – that can be shared through such a global online vehicle.

Not only is our focus worldwide, but it aims to move laterally across the many bureaucratic silos that impede efforts to operate collaboratively. Some of the featured works include:

  • Curbing Health Care Fraud in the US Medicare Program – article by Linda Mim that emphasizes collaboration within the federal government and with state and local officials as well
  • Diplomacy & Genocide in Burundi – video-interview by Warren Master of former U.S. Senator & Ambassador Robert Krueger and his wife, Kathleen Tobin Krueger
  • Mexico’s Perfect Storm: Using the Narcotrafico Threat to Build Governance Capacity in the U.S. and Mexico – commentary by Don Klingner emphasizing the critically collaborative nature of this highly-charged challenge
  • Promoting Minority Rights in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina – article by Sarah Ringler that examines collaborative techniques in the still-dicey Balkans
  • Engaging the Global Community through Exchange Programs – article by David Simpson that shares a tapestry of efforts underway requiring broad, international collaboration and cooperation
  • The UN’s Response on Behalf of Children in Armed Conflict – video-interview by Bill Miller of Radhika Coomaraswamy, U.N. Under-Secretary-General, Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict
  • Entrepreneurial Municipal Governance in Slovenia – article by Miro Hacek on the challenges and innovations of inter-governmental and public-private collaboration in the former Yugoslav republic
  • Better Government, Better Services in Liberia – article by Oblayon B. Nyemah on a road map to reduce poverty and place the country on a path of positive socio-economic growth and development

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Warren Master

Steve, I’ve included GovLoop (along with a link) as one of our affiliates. Do you and Andy have any other ideas on how we can collaborate? This thing’s going to grow!