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Good Governance Worldwide

Check out ASPA’s new Web site aimed at promoting good governance worldwide – particularly in modernizing and emerging democracies. It offers a wide array of best practice content – through e-articles, commentaries, book reviews, interviews, blogs, podcasts, videos, topical forums, wikis, etc. – and should open up networking opportunities for practitioners, applied researchers, PA students,Read… Read more »

A Cliffside View of Government Oversight

Having mused over our journal’s fall 2010 forum (The Public Manager, presently in layout) on lessons learned from Katrina and the more recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – it’s hard not to get sick over government’s failure to see in advance that something was terribly wrong, about to go over theRead… Read more »

Aligning Training with Strategic Agency Results

Open Dialogue on Aligning Training with Strategic Agency Results Warren Master and Russ Linden Warren: In my recent review of Russ Linden’s new book – Leading Across Boundaries: Creating Collaborative Agencies in a Networked World ( – I encourage public management practitioners to avail themselves of the many case illustrations and user-friendly tools the authorRead… Read more »