Government Agencies waste $15.4 BILLION Annually on Inefficient File Search

MeriTalk, an online Government IT community, surveyed 300 Federal employees to investigate if and how they find the documents they need, and the role that online file search plays in their workday. They compiled their findings in the report, Uncle Sam’s Lost and Found: $15.4 Billion.

The report looks at Feds’ ability to easily –or not so easily –access internal database information and quantifies the time and money agencies spend searching for information they already own.

87% of all Federal employees spend time each day searching internal databases for information. These Feds estimate they waste more than a month of work time each year due to inefficient search.

You can download the entire report to learn:
* How much time Federal employees spend daily searching for
critical information
* The true cost to taxpayers
* Organizational hurdles
* Advice from the front lines

Download here:


You can also register for the Uncle Sam’s Lost and Found: $15.4 Billion Webinar. Join MeriTalk and DLT Solutions as they discuss the results of the study as well as the future of Federal search efficiency. Featured
speakers include:

* Jim Helou, Vice President, DLT Solutions
* Paul Wester, Director of Modern Records Programs, National
Archives and Records Administration
* Steve O’Keeffe, Founder, MeriTalk

Date: 12/9/10
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

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