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Since joining AIIM a month ago, I have been blessed to be able to expose my thoughts and tweets to a whole new community. I have noticed since using the #AIIM hashtag, I have been getting more ECM and E2.0 practitioners following me than ever before. My normal self-promotion of ideas and re-sharing of others content only gained me about 10 new users a week, this has easily doubled or more – and I am not in this for the followers, I am in this for the shared knowledge of the greater good. With all that, I have not forgotten my roots of Government 2.0 and would like to address that community and what is coming up for Government Social Business, in my vision.

Government Social Business will be a strong focus for 2011 and I believe that was kicked off nicely at the Gov20LA event two weeks ago in Santa Monica. I led a session there called a Structured Brainjam (a term we borrowed from one of my online mentors – Chris Heuer of Social Media Club fame), in which I presented the attendees a chance to weigh in on a topic raised during the two day event. One of the points up for discussion was changing the name of calling what we do in the aspect of Government 2.0. I have been on the record that I do not like iterative numbering of programs or content.

We know something is going to change, everything changes. Garbage’s second album was Garbage’s s “Version 2.0” (probably their most successful and well known album mind you), but they did not go on to make their next album 3.0. That would be silly. So we should approach all 2.0 programs and ideas as what are we trying to achieve. Well for me, I am trying to achieve the education of Social Business processes and programs under my division, Systems of Engagement for AIIM.

On a much larger scale, I think what is known now as the larger Government 2.0 community, there are several thrusts of what groups are trying to achieve. Open Government being one, but for me and several others, we will be focusing on Government Social Business (GSB). GSB is the evolution of current Government processes with the inclusion of social media and social collaboration to meet constituent needs and transparency when warranted. I mention when warranted, because there are several mitigating factors to consider with GSB to include, but not limited only as FOIA and Privacy, not to mention the daunting task of Records Management that will have to be re-evaluated with the evolution of data that is now being created out in the open.

I do plan to blog and continue the discussion about Government Social Business on my various blogging platforms and twitter (@immunity), if you care to share your opinions. I look forward to the conversation.

All in all, there are just a few days left in February and my survey of collecting your top business problems. I appreciate your 2 minutes to help answer just 10 questions.

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