GovLaunch – Launch of Federal Intranet Content Managers’ (FICM) IdeaScale Site

The Federal Intranet Content Managers are pleased to announce the launch of our new IdeaScale site.

This is a request for all members to visit our IdeaScale site and suggest one topic idea related to intranets for future discussions. Also, please vote on the ideas that are currently there. This will help us move forward with scheduling FICM meetings for the next several months.


The Federal Intranet Content Managers (FICM) group consists of over 200 federal web professionals and promotes agency intranets as useful, efficient, and necessary parts of agency management strategies. Members of the FICM meet monthly to showcase agency intranets, share ideas, review best practices, discuss policies and procedures, and evaluate new web technologies and techniques.

Meetings: Our meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month; we usually break for December.

Participation: A volunteer steering committee plans the meetings and drives the direction of the group, but we also rely on our members to volunteer to demonstrate their Intranets, suggest topics and presenters and lead discussions. We ask our members to consider showing their Intranets through electronic meetings. We also invite members to speak on topics related to any aspect of intranet management.

Communication: Much of our logistical business is conducted through our Listserv. I invite you to subscribe: Listserv: [email protected].

To Subscribe: Email [email protected]

Write SUBSCRIBE FICM-L. in the body of your message (not the subject line).

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Very cool…Would love to feature cool new Intranets as project of week on govloop. Let me know when some good ones are launched


Ok, will do.

FICM is pushing for the release of the new NASA Spacebook source code as opensource to other Agencies (Fed, state and local). I was the designer of the new Spacebook, which is built on Liferay opensource portal software.

The idea is that some subset of Agencies could leverage that code to build similar intranets or modify the code for public/external access for a true “Facebook”-like experience, a la OpenGov.

The next step is a NASA Spacebook demo to FICM. I’ll post that info here for those who are interested in attending when it happens, probably via LiveMeeting or WebEx.