GovLoop to participate in Open City Workshop

Many of us Gov2 enthusiasts are passionate about discussing what it means to have an Open Government. I’m privileged to be living in a region where many great things are happening and as we all know, talk is great, action is better.

This coming Saturday, the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada will be hosting their second Open Data workshop. This is very exciting and what’s more, the City of Edmonton has agreed to provide a live webcast of the main theatre events throughout the day.

Disclaimer: My firm, fusedlogic will be providing the live streaming services and the City has asked me to be the Emcee for the event. That said, we’ve asked if others could participate and share in this event by embedding the webcast in their Gov 2.0 focused blog, site and community. What’s exciting is that city officials have agreed to this request.
Why does this matter? Well, on Saturday, March 6th, 2010 GovLoop.com will be carrying the feed live for all members to see and I think that’s highly cool. I’ve just confirmed this with Steve Ressler, Founder and President of GovLoop and he suggested we announce it here.
If GovLoop members would like more information on how their organization can also carry the feed or participate in the online discussion here is a blog post at fusedlogic.com that provides more details. Every time an opportunity arises to support a working model and participate in an event like this it makes the job of educating elected officials and administrations that much easier.
This is a tremendous opportunity to witness a government work with citizens in real-time and in a transparent, collaborative way. What a terrific educational opportunity for other communities around the world and what a great opportunity for GovLoop.com. Thank-you for Steve for your support.
If you have any questions about the event please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll ensure they reach the right folks: walter[at]fusedlogic.com

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