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Make the 1st BlackBerry FAR App, Get $500

The Problem: The FAR is a pain to access by BlackBerry.

The Solution: $500 of my own money will be awarded to whomever creates the first BlackBerry app that fulfills 4 simple, key requirements.

The Requirements: (1) Be downloadable on the most common BlackBerry models, (2) be able to access or download the entire FAR, (3) possess a keyword search function able to access the entire FAR, and (4) automatically receive changes to the FAR when it is updated.

The Benefits: Ability to quickly and easily access the FAR in the field.

The Background: A FAR app exists for the iPhone, but most federal (and a lot of private sector) acquisition workers use BlackBerry. This is a large untapped market, particularly for field operations that could use quick access to the FAR.

If you know app developers, students, whoever that could use some cash and would be willing to do this. Please pass along their information to me.

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