GovReads: When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead

Ever meet someone, so truly fascinating, that you walk away and say to yourself- I bet he has some GREAT stories to tell? Well, Jerry Weintruab is that person, and the stories he has are fascinating, funny, heartwarming, and entertaining. Who is Jerry Weintraub, you ask? He is the person who single-handedly changed how you see concerts today, thanks to a tour he managed for Elvis. He produced some of the most memorable TV moments, including one with Frank Sinatra. He has discovered John Denver, produced great films like Diner and The Karate Kid. He is a legend in show business, and he tells you all of it in this book.

Jerry Weintraub grew up in the Bronx, and without much schooling, set his mind to be a success. He did it by being smart, crafty, by developing relationships, but mostly, he will tell you, by the fact that he just kept talking. This is not a tell-all book on the seedier side of Hollywood life, this is about a man and his dream, and how he made it come true. Yes, along the way you learn something about Elvis, Sinatra, Zeppelin, and others, but those are just parts of the bigger story.
Jerry has some great insights into business and into relationships. I enjoyed reading this book, and it was a little lighter than some of the other books I have read. But at times, that man with all the great stories, well, I just wanted him to be quiet for a while. The book is written as if you having a conversation, and sometimes, I thought to myself, GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!
For the most part though, this was a tremendously easy and funny read. I enjoyed it and I think you will too.
And now to my rating system:
Buy it NOW!– this is reserved for the best books
Paperback on an Airplane– It’s a good read, but if you leave it in the seat, you won’t be crushed.
Borrow it– From the library or from a friend, that way if you don’t like it or don’t find it especially moving, as I suspect you might, you won’t have spent your hard earned money on it.
Wait for the move– The book is awful, but it might make a great film.
Skip it altogether– I hated it, I think you will too.

For When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead: Useful Stories from a Persuasive Man – I am going with Borrow it
For Kindle users- Don’t Download (just borrow it instead, you’ll like it- but you will also like that you can return it when you are done with it)
You can purchase the book here.
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Kind of random. I just “borrowed” this book from a friend. Was at a wedding and had nothing to read on flight home and my friend had just finished this book and gave it to me.

I may upgrade to paperback on an airplane. It definitely was a fun, light read. Nothing ground-breaking but some good stories.