Top 5- Worst Pick Up Lines at Work

So I’m sure you guys (probably more so women than men) have stories to share of those weird psychos at work (or on the way to work) who just don’t know when to quit. They think anytime is a great time to “hit” on you.

Well ladies and gentlemen, inspired by an idiot I work with, here’s my top 5 of the worse pick up lines I have received in a professional setting!!!!

1) What kind of heater are you using? Can I check out the plug? It might need tweaking. (Side note: the heater was near my legs, turned off, and in the dark corner under my desk…)

2) I’m sorry, we’ve never met before. I’m Dr. Love, and you are…?

3) Good morning! Every morning when I see you is a great morning. I thought about you all night..

4) WOW! Classifying position descriptions seems really amazing! Can you describe that process to me? (while he takes a knee next to my seat….) Hey, so what are you doing later?

5) Apart from being hot, what do you do here?

HAHA! Writing this just makes me laugh. Any of you have any interesting lines?

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Stephen Peteritas

Is there a good pick up line at work? I mean A) dating where you work isn’t the greatest of ideas and also on company time I’m not sure it’s ever appropriate. I used to work in a job where I met a ton of people at work and wanted to say something several times but still to this day am glad I bit my tongue.

Peter Sperry

@Stephen – statistics consistently indicate a plurality (majority?) of married couples first met at work. So someone is finding effective pickup lines for the office.

Nichole Henley

@ January: maybe it’s the same Dr. Love?

@ Sterling: priceless!

@ Stephen: I’d have to agree ONLY because I’ve never met someone that I worked with that I wanted to see after hours romantically. But I have met people from conferences and trainings that I have wondered about! 🙂

Srinidhi Boray

those idiots have stupid hit lines, i would say hi i love coffee confectionaries and of-course honey bun mmmm….nice way to begin ones morning yeah….i heard one of the colleague say after we were done with a presentation…. will you pls switch off the light honey….that was a good one….

Srinidhi Boray

in one of old partnership company ….my business parter fell in love with the new employee and he would always make customer call, meeting s etc along with this new lady. After romp-y few months they got married, it is now some 17 years since then, although our business shelved they are doing awesome..

Amanda Blount

Humm… dumb pick up lines … (keeping in mind I am 42 and am comfortable with who I am – I am not a barbie)… Man – Hey, you’re looking good! / Me – Thanks. My husband thinks so too. / Man – Well, what he doesn’t know won’t kill him / Me – Yes, but what he does know, may kill you.

An old boss — Leaning over a counter; I hope you know how much I love you working here. I made sure you got this job. So, I hope you know you owe me. (followed by a big smile and wink)

Ahh… the work place as a woman.

Nichole Henley

@ Amanda … HAHA!! OH MY GOSH!!! I can’t believe the KAHUNAS on some people!! Well it seems you bounce back well. I guess what doesn’t hurt us makes us stronger. You hear that men?! We’re becoming SUPERWOMEN!!! 🙂

Nichole Henley

OKAY! I just received another! Here it goes:

Can I tell you something? And please don’t be scared…there’s something about you that’s wonderful. I can’t put my finger on it but everytime you walk into the room I feel something.

AHHHHHHH!!!! Creepers!!