Grants Management Themes

Our office had planned on holding this conference for more than a couple of years. Even as we settled on the location and other planning, we weren’t planning on sudden shift in focus. Then again, is it really a shift.

The main theme of the conference is, and has always been, effective and continuing grants management. The stimulus and recovery requirements and issues are really just a part of that larger theme. After all, if you are properly awarding and managing your assistance agreements, there should be very little new to do when it comes to stimulus awards.

Still, we’ve taken to including a stimulus aspect to all the presentations this week. We’ll include lessons learned to this point, highlight differences and new requirements. We’ll let the audience know where we stand as an Agency in getting these dollars out the door.

My only problem with this week is that I’m stuck in a presenters role too often, and unable to take part in other sessions that may interest me.

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Andrea Schneider

I would love to “talk” with you about what you are doing with grants. For some reason, I’m not able to send you a “private message”. You can reach me on this site, but even better at [email protected] or [email protected].
I have extensive experience and a holistic view of the whole grant process. Concretely, I received $3M to look at applied setting collaborative models, as a Visiting Fellow at Justice, I retrospectively evaluation $21 Advancing Community Policing Grants, I been a grant maker, etc.
I have a really great idea how to streamline the grant process, use social networking as a grant program tool, how to de-mystify evaluation, and other very concrete ideas to make grant making a much more successful process and increase our results for our investment. Anyway, if you are interested, please contact me and I’d by happy to share more.

Bill Shea

Frank and Andrea, I currently work for a company that sells a web based grant management product. We are always looking toward the future and how we may be able to improve our Commerical of the Shelf Product making it more effective for our clients. If you two are discussing new methods for the use of Web 2.0 to manage grants I would love to be part of the discussion.

We are actually using this site to start a forum on the Best Practices for Grants Management. If you are interested you could become part of the dicussion. The more experience we have in the discussion the more fruitful the results.

Let me know what you think,