Same challenges – different terrain

I thought it would be interesting to point out how the global community faces very similar challenges to those in the United States.

I have been working with the Municipality of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for over 2 years as they deployed an automated system to manage Building and Construction projects. While we faced some unique obstacles on the project in the end it has been a huge success. We helped them:
-Do more with less
-Offer access to services 24X7 via the Internet. This was huge because many of the developers are European or American.
-Help manage a 100% increase in permit activity and only have to increase staff 10%.
-Increase transparency for Municipal Customers and Citizens.
-Restore citizen confidence in what was characterized as a bureaucratic and broken process.

It has been a very exciting and successful project. So much so that other municipalities in the region have taken notice and are moving forward with a similar project.

In the United States many agencies use these types of systems, but what is remarkable about Abu Dhabi is that any project from a billion dollar high rise building to a temporary sign permit can be applied and paid for all online. This truly shows leadership and an unrelenting commitment to customer service.

If there is interest I will see if I can dig up a press release on the specifics of the project.

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