Happy Thanksgiving! An Abundance Perspective

Today is a day to give thanks, sure. But there’s a part of the story that I think we sometimes forget.

When the pilgrims experienced the series of events we now celebrate on Thanksgiving day, they were in deep trouble. They were far from home, their food stuffs were depleted, many of them were sick, mud was everywhere, and a harsh cold winter would be bearing down on them soon. They were in a sad, demoralized state.

From this place of extreme need, neighbors reached out to them. Indians, who barely knew these alien settlers, literally came out of the woods with their minds open, their arms full of food, and their hearts full of the spirit of friendship. Pilgrims and Indians set aside their differences, mistrust, and met one another on a basic human level. They filled their bellies. They warmed their hearts, and they enjoyed the fellowship of the human race. Selfless. Giving. Full of charity and cheer.

One thing that I like to remember on Thanksgiving is that no matter how grim the circumstances, we always have the choice to set aside our differences and come together around then best of what it means to be human. We can chose to give to one another and fill one another up with abundance. Every time we make this choice is a great reason to celebrate.

With this in mind, I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! May it be full of giving and abundance.

See you out there!


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