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Be Thankful but Keep it In Perspective

Envision for a moment that Germany won World War II. They in turn created a holiday that celebrated this feat and ignored the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism. This holiday would be centered around families giving thanks for one of the biggest human rights travesties in world history. Businesses would close during this national observance. Schools wouldRead… Read more »

Thanksgiving, the U.S. Constitution, and American Ignorance

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, but the first federal Thanksgiving Day Proclamation wasn’t about Pilgrims, or a difficult winter, or a civil war. It was about the United States Constitution. And this is a good time to read it. Read More …

Thanksgiving Wishes….

A Thanksgiving Message… We all have many different types of responsibilities. Our common bond is caring about what happens to others. Thanksgiving is a very appropriate time to say “thank you” for all you do to support those with mental illness, substance use, and ID/DD conditions. On behalf of those who benefit from your generosityRead… Read more »

Thanksgiving is the best holiday in the USA!

Greetings to All thisThanksgiving Eve, I just finished up a week of diversity training and I thought about the beauty of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is truly a USA holiday that represents all who live in the USA. For me it also represents the appreciation for life and country. Everyone no matter what gender, race,Read… Read more »

Thanksgiving 2010

Head over to for a virtual cornucopia of Thanksgiving information on their Thanksgiving page. You’ll find everything you need for a safe, happy, and delicious holiday including: Air Travel Status and TSA Air Travel Tips Food for the Holidays and Recipes from and for Americans November Is American Indian Heritage Month Out-of-This-World Thanksgiving (ThanksgivingRead… Read more »