Harvard Update on Food Safety/Security

Hi, all – We’ve been working with regulators and industry over the past several months to figure out some high value, low cost, best next moves on the nation’s food safety issues. Topmost is getting the traceback during outbreak investigations fixed – make it faster and more accurate. Our status update is here, and a blogpost here.

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Adriel Hampton

Great topic, Zach. The recent gyoza and baby formula scandals went global, even. Are you looking at ingredient traceback at the same time, or starting with fresh produce?

Zach Tumin

We’re looking at the basic produce-specific traceback for now, Adriel. Getting it right in as light, simple, and reusable way as possible, for one produce line – tomatoes. If we have success there, other produce segments may want similar benefits. There are also valuable lessons being ported from pharmaceutical surveillance with respect to ingredient tracebacks. But small steps first…